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 Welcome to transformation sessions with "Kim Warner"
October 2nd, 2019 at 5:00 pm Pacific I Am holding a Class on Aquarius the 11th house
learn about Aquarius freedom mindset, and non cholent character, they have a purpose but it will never be your purpose, Aquarian energy is mission oriented, learn about the  history of the Aquarian age, how the energy affects each of us and information for those who have signs in the 11 th house, family and children. It's 35.00 bring 3 people get this class Free!!! Materials are your natal chart and an open mind to understand yourself better!  
Where is Aquarian energy ( Uranius) in the Bible? Oh yes!!! This will blow your mind! 
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Capricorn 10th house SATURNIAN energy will be October 16th, 2019 at 5:00 pm Pacific

Capricorns are natural builders, they build people, communities, and administrations within governments, which is contingent upon their natal chart. The Capricorn is known for assisting individuals in self-development even though they are misunderstood because of their serious nature and shrewd business Character. They can find prosperous opportunities where others are not able to find them. The flip side is without spiritual conversion they can be controlling, dominating, abuse, mental, physically, and spiritually. The ego can be quite rebellious and vindictive. 35.00
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Cosmo conversation also known as astro talk is information compiled narrating aspects of your natal chart highlighting your Sun (personality), Moon (Emotional disposition)  and ascending sign. At the time of our birth, the planets points to special qualities within us. However, out of all the planets the information you order in Cosmo conversation will give you important reference to your sun and moon because they are the lesser and greater light. 75.00

Career positioning- Career positioning discusses the creative areas of your personality and where you will thrive in the work field as well as opportunities to look for. For anyone contemplating a career change this can assist you by taking the guess work out of what your destined to do.  55.00

Lover match- Is a work put together to see how you and a potential friend or mate work according to the stars and planets. If your having relationship challenges or curious about obstacles you have experienced in relationships try lovers match 
75.00 for one person 105.00 for you and your mate.

Individual spiritual Development 

          What’s missing in your life, or career? Do you really love what you do? Are you happy in your relationships at home and at work? Or are you ready for MORE! — MORE recognition, more acceptance, more love, more job satisfaction?

 Maybe it’s time for a radical career change. Or has a layoff caught you and you need to regroup? You could have relationship problems, problems losing weight, or even financial problems…Remember every problem has a solution. If you think the concept of having a personal coach on your side could be the change you need then begin to take the steps needed for the change. Through our sessions you will obtain a greater level of knowledge concerning that:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Self esteem and identity acceptance
  • Relationship Building
  • Time management skills
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Improved motivation
  • Increased productivity
  • Financial gain
  • Stress reduction 

Kim Warner 818-600-1539
Kim Warner is best known for her gifts of wisdom and knowledge and savvy Transformation Coaching Techniques. She uses her gifts in relationship courses and mentoring classes that she offers through virtual meeting, conference call, face-to-face meetings, and also through social media networks. Over the years, her gifts have aided her in successfully guiding hundreds of people into empowerment concerning healthy relationships, healthier lives, and prosperity.

Kim Warner is also CEO of Inner Faith Wealth Builders, IFWB staff aids and assist homeless in the greater Los Angeles, Las vegas, Nevada, and Jax., Fl area. IFWB also assist those in need during the holidays, such as ThanksGiving and Xmas with food and toys for families and children.

Kim Warner has also written and published “Dance with Your Partner Not Their Confusion” which is a rendition of writings taken from personal experiences along with the assistance and guidance of the Holy Spirit, offering readers the opportunity of change when there is room for healing in the area of relationships. This book will aid anyone who is seeking change the opportunity to see the person in the mirror and discover the true essence of themselves along with giving them healthy tools to create healthier relationships. 

Kim Warner was born in Detroit, Michigan, and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV
Accomplishments :
AA Truth Bible College

BA University  Metaphysics
BS General Psychology

MA Human Service Counseling

Intuitive Guide 


Sessions run by appointment once a week: 
One session 100.00 (45 minutes)
4 weeks 350.00         (45 minutes) once a week
8 weeks 750.00         (45 minutes) once a week
Listen to a sample of what you will receive from the personal development sessions in the audio below.