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Pastor Toni Collins Barringer

Potters Place BKA the PLACE at 3040 W.Cheyenne Las Vegas, Nevada


1st SUNDAY of every month 6:00 PM Service 


For information Call 702-227-5223

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Bishop Elizabeth Sadler

Telephone:  909-331-5730

Email: [email protected]

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Dynamic impacting uniquely gifted Woman Of God!

Minister Devine Matthews  and her Husband Deon Matthew out of Detroit Mich.


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Brief overview:
A Different Spirit Radio Show is set apart solely for God's purpose and called for a remnant!  A remnant whose desire is to be loyal and true to the God of Israel and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth! The name "A Different Spirit" is based on the scripture found in Numbers 14:24.  Check out what God said about Caleb, Son of Jephunne - "He has a different spirit and follows me wholeheartedly".  I desire for Him to say the same thing about me! How about you?  Caleb along with Joshua was two of the 12 spies sent to spy out the land of Canaan.  They brought back a good report and this pleased God.  In return, these were the only two of the 12 that were allowed to enter the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey!  God also promised Caleb that his descendants would inherit the land.  Look at our GOD!  So this tells me that what we do now will impact the future of our descendants! This is why I endeavor to walk upright  and follow wholeheartedly after God.  For me, it's not an option.

The vision of ADSRS is to bring it's listeners a divine word in due season and heavenly news alerts from the throne room.  And of course, reaching out to the lost as well as interceding on behalf of His people with effectual, sincere, hot and fiery prayers!   In addition to that - we aim to provide pure godly music, miraculous testimonies, resourceful information, and interviews with individuals, churches and organizations that are earnestly making a difference in their community!  We endeavor to be spirit led in all that we do.  All Glory to GOD!
God is looking for some Caleb’s and Joshua's!
Are you one of them?
Stay tuned......