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Yomik's World

     Welcome to world of this trend setting poet, who just happens to be a Life Coach. Yomik is truly gifted at marrying words together as a poet, and as a master story teller, her performances are captivating and empowering all at the same time.  She uses hard hitting lyrics to not only teach; but to inspire healing in the hearts of many. Yomik says that she believes within every individual lives a still silent voice that really desires to be heard, her gift allows her to speak to the silent voices in others that invokes conscious awaking.  And being able to express how you really feel inside is a personal journey.  She looks at what she does as aiding others along their journey in self discovery. In her own words, " joy is a state of being which is available to everyone.  It's okay to feel the pain, anger, and hurt; but the most important thing is what you choose to do with the emotional pain these experience can leave behind. There tools available to us along the path of life  that teach us to embrace the lessons from our pain. So we can attract the experiences we truly desire." With her down to earth personality and heart felt lyrics, the world is in for a soft; but yet powerful surprise.

The Woman is filled with wisdom giving information on edge cutting topics that will change your life. If your looking for a personal development class with transformation added this is your girl.

Over the years, Kim's gifts have aided her in successfully guiding hundreds of people into empowerment concerning healthy relationships and healthier lives. Kim Warner is also Ceo of Inner Faith Wealth Builders, IFWB staff aids and assist homeless in the greater Los Angeles, Ca., Las Vegas, Nevada and Jax., Fl area. 
 Kim has written several books including her Best Seller “Dance with Your Partner Not Their Confusion" . Dance  With Your Partner Not Their Confusion  is a rendition of writings taken from personal experiences along with the assistance and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Kim Warner was born in Detroit, Michigan, and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV Accomplishments : AA Truth Bible College BA University of Metaphysics,BS General Psychology,Certified Life Coach Certified,  Licensed Minister and Prophetic Counselor, Philanthropist.  ***Dance with Your partner… Download available Kim Warner Specializes in Relationship, Marriage, and family restoration Adult, and teen mentoring Coaching and counseling for parents of children with ADD, ADHD, and Autism.
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